API Documentation

In a digital ecosystem that thrives on connectivity, your systems and applications need to communicate seamlessly. That's where our BREVIAN API comes into play. Designed with precision and adaptability, the BREVIAN API is your solution to integrate various agents with a multitude of integrations, ensuring a streamlined workflow..

Getting started

Begin by configuring at least one agent in your agent settings. Next, explore our documentation to learn how to initiate requests through our HTTP APIs or specialized client SDKs.



Learn about the conversation model and how to interact with your agents.



Learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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Read about the different types of errors returned by the API.

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Pagination (Coming Soon)

Understand how to work with paginated responses.

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Webhooks (Coming Soon)

Learn how to programmatically configure webhooks for your app.

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Setup a simple Slack app with the API. Powered by Zapier.

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Setup a simple Chainlit app with the API. Powered by BREIVAN.

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Customer Support (Coming Soon)

Ingest data from sources like Zendesk, ServiceNow, and improve the productivity of your support team.

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Security Response (Coming Soon)

Ingest data from sources like Splunk, AWS, Datadog and Github to improve the productivity of your security team.

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